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Why you Should Centralize Event Planning in One Place Rather Than Scattering the Effort

If you are responsible for marketing a professional event, you know all about managing a complex set of interrelated tasks. Are there any solutions that ensure optimal collection and processing of event data?

How To Use Tracking Links When Promoting Your Event

Exploiting the potential of tracked links when promoting your events contributes to a better choice of communication channels.

3 Keys to Collecting Feedback from Event Attendees

When successful, the satisfaction survey provides a wealth of valuable information to guide the preparation of future events.

What Data You Can Collect from Your Events, and How to Activate Them!

Data collection is essential in any marketing operation in order to measure its impact. How can you optimize the collection of relevant information on your participants?

Organize BtoB Events in Compliance With the GDPR

As a business event organizer, you collect and manage participant data. Here are the basic principles of the GDPR to follow.

How to Maximize BtoB Attendance?

How do you get as many registrants as possible to attend your event? Here are some best practices to maximize attendance on the day.

Best Practices to Welcome Attendees to your In-Person Event

At a professional event, the sign-in is the first impression given to the audience. How can you set up a smooth welcoming process that will impress your participants as soon as they arrive on site?

Web App vs. Native App: Which One to Choose for your BtoB Event?

While it is essential to take into account the generalization of mobile uses to adapt one's event marketing device, what choice should be made between native app and web app?