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Dell EMC sets out its event with inwink to foster networking and interactivity

"The inwink team and the performance of the inwink platform enabled us to manage seamlessly our partners event. Having such strong confidence in all technical aspects of the event freed us to concentrate on customer care for our attendees."
Pascal Nuger

Pascal Nuger
EMEA Event Manager, Dell

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Dell EMEA Partner Conference

The 2018 edition of the annual DELL EMEA Partners Conference was held in Portugal on 23rd and 24th October 2018.

A lot of DELL EMC partners, coming from all over Europe, gathered to discuss the current trends in the market and showcase their latest leading-edge technologies.

Leveraging the inwink platform, DELL EMC set out its event to foster meetings, networking, and interactivity :

  • Creation of a rich and personalized digital experience
  • Publishing of a mobile app dedicated to the event (App Store & Play Store)
  • Personalized communications to registrants by emails and push notifications
  • Networking, matchmaking, and scheduling of meetings among participants
  • Registrations and badges management enabling different categories of participants
  • Check-in and badge scanning by means of NFC-enabled mobile devices
  • Real-time dashboards available to the organizing team to track the attendance flows
  • Live interactivity during sessions to trigger dynamic participation of attendees