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Losam Agency automates the organization of its annual event with inwink

Future of Finance

Future of Finance is the leading event for CFO’s of companies engaged in a process of digital transformation. In partnership with Deloitte and with 12 major software providers, this program presents a broad analysis of technological innovations in Finance.

More than 400 finance executives attended both 2017 and 2018 events, to learn about Deloitte’s vision and that of 4 prestigious speakers on stage. The event opened with a vision keynote, which was followed by actual case studies presented across 11 workshops : analytics, RPA, P2P, digital closing, etc.
A stimulating and inspiring morning !
“The inwink solution is designed for event professionals. The platform covers the entire range of necessary and useful functionalities. The inwink project team’s availability and reactivity enabled us to set-up our event easily and to have a quick ramp-up on the platform.”

Sara Seghaier
Co-founder, Losam Agency

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