Sigfox orchestrate its major international event with inwink

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sessions in 2 days


Sigfox is a global supplier of connectivity solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the creator of the first 0G network. The Sigfox network is available in 70 countries worldwide in 2020 and connects more than 16 million objects. 
Hosted once a year, the Sigfox Connect conference is the most important gathering where the current and future trends of the Internet of Things are discussed. Sigfox Connect is a big-time demonstration that ‘small data’ has a large-scale impact on the economy, and can be a lever to help invent a society which is more responsible with respect to the environment. 
Sigfox Connect is structured as follows: 
  • conferences and presentations over 2 days 
  • a forum for its partners network


1) Showcase the quality content created for the event

2) Optimize registration

3) Coordinate partners efficiently 


Sigfox needed a tool that could empower it to drive the organization of its conference from beginning to end. Rather than a simple single-page website, Sigfox provided its audience this year with a rich digital interface to register, interact, or browse seamlessly through the content. 

The 3 main challenges in the preparation of the Sigfox Connect were addressed effectively with inwink. 

  • Content: All content and information were displayed on one event website strictly under Sigfox’s branding and graphic charter, and configured with a dedicated domain name of its choosing. With inwink, the Sigfox team customized the event content (venue information, agenda, exhibitors, speakers) and managed its layout on the website. With about 40 sessions over two days, Sigfox offered a seamless reading of the agenda as well as of the descriptions of sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. 
  • Registrations: Participation to the event is available through a registration application on the event website and then purchase of a ticket. Registrations are centrally managed on the inwink Back-Office. In order to ensure a flawless experience for its audience, the organizing team classified registrants according to their profiles and industries. This management enabled the sending of personalized and automated emails: registration confirmation, badges, teasing and reminders, thank you’s, etc. 
  • Exhibitors: By leveraging the inwink partners dedicated workspace, Sigfox drives efficiently all interactions with partners and exhibitors along the entire life-cycle of the event. Each partner is provided with an exclusive access to the website enabling it to download and upload documents, register its team, and manage itself its event partner information. A significant productivity gain for the organizing team in the preparation of the event, especially in the allocation of booth numbers, management of registrations quotas per partner, and publishing of more than 100 detailed partners information sheets.