55 000 captivated visitors for the first online edition of ChangeNOW

« For this first 100% online edition of the ChangeNOW summit, we were very happy to work with inwink. Digitalizating the summit was a real challenge, given the numerous activities and the density of the event’s content. Inwink allowed us to successfully take up this challenge, and to amplify the reach of the event thanks to the digital format. What a great success!»

Rose May Lucotte, Co-founder, and COO ChangeNOW

Key Figures

Solutions for the planet
Countries impacted

The context

ChangeNOW is a startup founded in 2017 whose mission is to bring out solutions and new models to respond to major environmental and social emergencies.

In just 4 years, the ChangeNOW Summit has become the largest event bringing together decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators with concrete solutions for a sustainable world.

The event focuses on taking concrete actions and fostering innovations in many areas such as agriculture, health, ocean preservation, energy, biodiversity, social inclusion and education, etc.

In 2021, the first 100% digital edition of the ChangeNOW Summit was organized on the inwink platform.


1) Valuing partners and the innovative solutions they provide

2) Making the successful transition to the digital format by offering a rich and pleasant participant experience


Valuing partners and the innovative solutions they provide

The partners take part in the event to share with the world the solutions and concrete actions they offer.

Exhibitors were able to showcase their offerings through videos, documents, images, etc. on virtual booths designed to ensure visibility for the 1,000 presented solutions. Participants had the opportunity to contact and make 1to1 appointments with the partners directly from their online booth.

1to1 business meetings were used to allow digital video/audio appointments in the event’s interface.

Partners were able to host “networking tables” to meet participants of the event in a more spontaneous way.

After the date of the event, the platform remains available in replay for 4 months, thus greatly extending the event’s lifespan, and therefore offering greater visibility to partners and presented solutions.

Making the successful transition to the digital format by offering a rich and pleasant participant experience

The organizing teams have imagined new ways to present the content of the event so that the digital experience is as lively as the in-person experience.

Numerous formats have been created to make online sessions as rich as they would have been in-person: online pitches, job fairs, workshops, conferences, etc.

Prestigious conferences and talks designed for the event were broadcast live (filmed from the physical location of the event) or simulive (filmed in advance and remmotely with speakers from around the world).

To encourage exchanges that allow innovative project leaders to move forward, the ChangeNOW Summit relied on all the interaction possibilities offered by inwink:

– Networking tables in which participants can freely join
– One-to-one meetings that can be scheduled in advance
– Interactive video sessions for participants (Q&A, chat, polls…)


55 000 satisfied visitors

More than 55,000 visitors took part in ChangeNOW and were able to actively play a role in finding social and environmental solutions for the planet.

Thanks to the digital format, speakers and participants alike were able to connect from 167 different countries. This gave the event a very broad geographic reach.

The future will be hybrid

The success of this first 100% online edition has proven to ChangeNOW the value that the digital format can bring. ChangeNOW does not plan to give up on it and already has plans to organize its flagship event in a hybrid format for 2022, mixing in-person and digital.