Leaders League

manages partners in the best conditions with inwink

“inwink was a strategic choice for Leaders League. When organizing our 4 January events, the platform was decisive on two points: orchestrating our sponsors and keeping them satisfied, and remaining flexible until the last minute with the event format. I would like to give a warm thank you to the inwink teams, for their tailor-made support and their incredible availability.”

Emmanuel Fenet, Director of the events division 

Key Figures

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The context

Leaders League is a media and a rating agency for business leaders.

Leaders League provides news, analysis, and business insights to all its audiences via the Décideurs Magazine media, market-intelligence reports, rankings, and professional events. .

As such, Leaders League regularly organizes events for qualified audiences working in finance, law, human resources, real estate or asset management.


The event teams at Leaders League share two main goals for all events:

  1. Maximize partner satisfaction
  2. Remain flexible and agile in the execution of events to adapt to all possible situations (especially in times of Covid)


Partner management: highlighting and connecting with participants according to packages

Partners play a central role in Leaders League’s event strategy. In return, Leaders League provides them with multiple opportunities to be highlighted and visible at the event so they can perceive the full value of their investment. All partners are grouped onto one page and each of them has a dedicated page where they can put forward the elements they want.

Depending on the package they have chosen, partners have a certain number of invitations they can offer to their own audiences. The people specifically invited by a given partner will not be visible to the other partners of the event which avoids them to be sought after by other partners. This is directly set up in the inwink Back-Office.

Partners who wish to do so can schedule 1-on-1 business meetings on the day of. They have access to a qualified chart of participants to contact.

They can also sponsor a session for which they’ll be the speaker. They then have access to the list of participants who attended that session (who are usually qualified leads for them).

To facilitate the partners’ experience, the Leaders League team sets up a dedicated space for each of them in which they can directly manage all steps of the organization process (from the sponsored session to the business meetings, including managing invitations).

Executing with flexibility and agility: the last-minute switch to a 100% digital format

In the current context of covid-19, the organizing teams needed a solution that would allow them to remain agile and flexible up until the last minute.

Due to the uncertainties about being able to hold the events in person (initially planned at the Pavillon d’Armenonville), the events were switched to a 100% digital format last minute.

A specific event template was created in inwink for Leaders League. The teams were therefore quickly able to generate entire websites 100% in line with the visual identity for each of the 4 events and integrating the specific content for each one.

The sessions were filmed live at the Pavillon d’Armenonville by a production agency and were rebroadcasted live on the event sites.


Satisfied partners ready to commit to future editions

inwink allowed Leaders League to fluidify a major part of the relationship with its partners, especially on high value-added services (promoting their brand and expertise, communication with their prospects, networking, return on investment…)

A team converted by the benefits of the platform

After a necessary period of configuration, adaptation and training, the teams now have a 360° event management tool. Thanks to inwink, they were able to save a massive amount of time, as well as simplify certain tasks related to the event site, the management of speakers, communication with partners, etc.

In 2021, 16 events will be played by Leaders League through inwink. They also plan on testing inwink on smaller event formats such as Clubs and Decision Maker Circles.