Leverages inwink to mix online and live events

The context

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an international organisation that works to build better economic and political policies.

In order to bring policy makers and shapers together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge progress across a range of policy areas, OECD hosts many major events throughout the year.

These international events, such as the OECD Forum, the Global Forum on Competition or the Private Finance for Sustainable Development Conference, gather representatives from governments, parliaments, business, labour, non-governmental organisations, and academia.

Since the beginning of the Covid19 crisis in 2020, OECD had to adapt its event strategy and decided to go 100% virtual for many of its events.


An important OECD requirement is to be able to orchestrate all their prestigious events, both live and virtual, from a single platform, with a common visual identity and common services for all Directorates within the organisation.

The objective is therefore to deploy a centralised tool for event marketing.


inwink matched these expectations by providing OECD teams with a flexible and powerful platform, easily adaptable for every different event format which OECD hosts.

OECD’s event teams can leverage the many features inwink offers within a single tool:

• An event portal that displays all OECD events and links to the websites associated with each event.

• Dedicated web apps that gather all practical information for a given event, aimed at attendees. In the case of 100% virtual events, the attendees can access sessions and network with their peers directly from these websites.

• A powerful Back-Office where OECD teams can easily update sessions content, agenda, speakers and manage networking and live interactivity features during the events.


Happy teams and a streamlined event process

By using inwink to orchestrate all events, both live and virtual, OECD teams can manage the entire event lifecycle from a unified tool.