inwink Event: A Powerful and intuitive event platform

inwink Event offers organizers a complete solution to manage their events strategy, optimize their time and support all stakeholders to help make every event a success.

They use inwink Event

The most robust solution on the market


Our platform allows your events team to accompany participants and partners in their involvement from start to finish.

Thanks to our programme management feature, you can clearly display your agenda (title, description, room, time slot, image, video, speakers, partners, capacity, etc.) and adapt your event to all situations (face-to-face, online or hybrid).

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For a smooth and complete online experience

Partner Area
Participant Area

Rediscover the concept of white label content by using our No-Code website editor and/or our WYSIWYG editor. Design an event website optimized for all screens that follows your brand style guidelines.

Customize the registration experience by adding the necessary content for your event: ticketing, advanced forms, registration validation…

Provide your participants and partners with a quality event experience by giving them access to dedicated and secure areas.

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For a quality on-site experience


To make sure you stand out from the crowd, give your events team the ability to create badges that showcase your brand identity, your partners, or specific messages.

Whether you want to personalize the welcoming of your participants (self-check-in, sign-in…), or help your partners generate leads (scan, download…), inwink provides you with a whole range of features, tested and approved by your peers.

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To optimize your engagement rates with inwink Event

Business Meetings

Promoting engagement is crucial to the success of an event and starts very early on with regular and personalized communications campaigns.

Engagement is also fostered during the event by promoting interactions between participants (messaging, online discussions), networking …

For participants who come with a clear objective (e.g., to find a new service provider), inwink offers all the tools necessary to capture their needs and put them in touch with your partners (Business Meetings).

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With inwink Event, you are the true owner of your data

At inwink, we work continuously to guarantee the integrity and availability of your data.

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Data partitioning

Your event data is partitioned by default and not mixed with other event’s data.

Centralization of all your data

Organize all your events on a secure platform and get a 360° view of your participants.

Data Activation

Activate our ready to use data bridges for leading CRM, marketing automation, analytics or advertising solutions and continue to engage your audiences with your internal tools.


Connect inwink Event to other systems through open API; we provide all the necessary documentation.