inwink Event Engagement

With inwink Event Engagement, encourage the engagement of participants and partners on site, online or in hybrid mode.

Event Engagement: involve your participants before, during and after an event

Boost the performance of your communications campaigns

  • Design emails quickly and easily with the integrated emailing editor
  • Choose from a library of over 50 email templates (confirmation, programme reminder…)
  • Schedule emails to be sent in advance
  • Automate the sending of emails based on triggers (session registration, badge printing…)
  • Change the sender domain name of transactional and marketing emails to ensure deliverability
  • Analyse the performance of your emails with the customizable summary table (open rate, click rate, deliverability…)

Encourage interaction between your participants

  • Liven up sessions with quizzes and polls
  • Give everyone the possibility to ask questions and exchange ideas during the online sessions
  • Allow your participants to communicate with each other via chat
  • Send messages to specific groups or individuals with personalized content
  • Display a news feed with text, images, or links
  • Send post-event surveys to measure your participants’ satisfaction (general, per session…)
  • Offer participants the ability to watch an online session together

Facilitate meetings between your participants

  • Suggest participants to contact, based on participant data
  • Define matching criteria and easily configure your own matchmaking algorithm
  • Define rules to limit networking by participant type
  • Display the list of participants with flexible search criteria and predefined filters
  • Offer online discussion spaces (digital speed meeting, online meeting, networking spaces…)
  • Enable instant messaging between participants, with push notifications
  • Send contact requests to other participants and authorize the sharing of their personal contact information if they accept
  • Allow participants to schedule a meeting with another participant via video call or allow them to exchange files

Generate qualified leads for your partners

  • Allow participants to screen and book appointments with partners
  • Allow partners to screen and book appointments with participants
  • Define rules that allow partners to see participants’ information
  • Create forms that can be used to identify and qualify projects
  • Manage unavailability and scheduling conflicts
  • Assign a certain number of appointments according to the level of partnership, by individual or by entity
  • Create post appointment evaluation forms (comments, rating, action plan…)

Event Engagement in the spotlight

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With inwink Event, you are the true owner of your data

At inwink, we work continuously to guarantee the integrity and availability of your data.

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Data partitioning

Your event data is partitioned by default and not mixed with other event’s data.

Centralization of all your data

Organize all your events on a secure platform and get a 360° view of your participants.

Data Activation

Activate our ready to use data bridges for leading CRM, marketing automation, analytics or advertising solutions and continue to engage your audiences with your internal tools.


Connect inwink Event to other systems through open API; we provide all the necessary documentation.