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What is the feedback from co-hosting an online event with the goal of generating leads? Answer with insights from Commerce Live!

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team crossing arms

How to Provide Value to Your Online Event Partners?

| Event Management, Online Experience | One Comment
The expectations of an event's partners or sponsors have changed a lot in a few years. With the multiplication of digital events caused by the pandemic, the perception of value…
Satisfaction événement

How to measure the satisfaction of your event participants?

| Event Engagement, Event Strategy | No Comments
If calculating the ROI of an event remains a fundamental step, measuring the satisfaction of the participants should not be neglected by the organizers. Did the participants find an interest?…
Événement présentiel accueil

How to improve and facilitate the welcoming of events?

| Onsite Experience | No Comments
At professional events, the participants first impression is the sign-in and welcoming. It is a very important step as it will form the participants’ first opinion on the quality of…
animer communautés BtoB

Interview – How to manage and animate several BtoB communities efficiently?

| Community Engagement, Community Experience, Community Strategy | No Comments
During our last user group, we interviewed our customers about the animation of their communities. Here is the HUB Institute's testimony on this subject!SUMMARY Presentation Why create a community? What…