In-person, digital and hybrid events, all 100%-branded

The complete lifecycle of your event, managed with one single platform

Orchestrate your events from A to Z:

  • Invitations
  • Ticketing
  • Registrations
  • Program and speakers
  • Business meetings
  • Networking and Speed Meetings
  • Partners and sponsors management
  • Etc.

Online and in-person, leverage both formats

A product natively designed for hybrid events, you can effectively augment your in-person event with a digital layer.

By combining in-person and online formats throughout the year, scale up the impact of your event strategy.

A branded website in just a few hours

Thanks to an intuitive UX, create your event website in a few clicks. Your colors, your content, your URL, everything is a showcase of your brand!

A gallery of ready-to-use templates enables you to create your event website in less than 30 minutes.

Create a digital space always-on to engage your communities all-year-long

Create a sense of exclusivity for members of your communities

Bring together subsets of your audiences around shared topics of interest, in a digital environment 100% under your brand.

Your members access different levels of content and networking, depending on their status.

Provide a newsfeed for members to follow and discuss

Your community is a social network at your own brand, and you are the moderator.

Give your members a privileged space where they can share messages, content, and discussions.

Offer always-on networking opportunities to your members

Your members can network on-demand with their peers.

Thanks to the matchmaking algorithm of inwink Community, suggest relevant networking opportunities.

Share your content in all formats

A community is a space where you share premium content with members.

Articles, videos, downloadable documents… From a intuitive interface, you choose which content to publish for your members.

Invite members to exclusive events reserved to the community

In a few clicks, create webinars directly hosted within the community.

Offer your members a simplified access to your entire portfolio of events

All data related to your events and your communities managed in one single place

With every action taken by your contacts, data are collected

Select the data to be collected at every interaction with a contact, at an event or in a community.

For each contact, data are aggregated in one place.

Analyze data by means of personalized dashboards

With inwink Data, build an in-depth knowledge of your audiences and steer your marketing operations (targeted mailings, etc.).

Design the next experiences by leveraging this extensive knowledge (personalized recommendations of content, prediction of no-show rates, etc.).

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