Integrate inwink with third-party tools

The inwink platform offers integration capabilities with many third-party technologies to make its use as complete as possible.

Multiple integration possibilities 

Marketing Automation / CRM

Integrate inwink data into your CRM and marketing automation tools.

Event Tech

Offer participants an enriched event experience.

Streaming Live / Conférences

Connect inwink with streaming and online conferencing tools.

Consent management

Comply with all applicable regulations.


Collect payment on inwink with third-party tools.


Analyze your inwink data by integrating it with third-party tools.

Focus – Integrate your inwink data with HubSpot

With the integration of HubSpot with inwink, marketers can now automate their sales and marketing processes by synchronizing inwink contacts (participants, members and partners) and their activities (registration, downloads, business meetings made…) directly in HubSpot.

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