gathers the community of experts in Big Data and analytics at its annual flagship event

florence hocquet

« Thanks to inwink, we were able to manage with a single platform the full scope of our event. The event templates which are flexible and entirely customizable to our wants, enabled us to showcase our brand and save a great amount of time for this first edition. »

Florence Hocquet – PR & Event Manager, Saagie

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The context

Saagie is a platform for professionals of big data and analytics which features the best technologies in the market to enable, accelerate, and ensure the reliability of the deployment of their projects.

Each year, Saagie’s flagship event named DataOps.Rocks, gathers the community of professionals in the big data area for a full day of exchanges about trends, best practices, and key learnings.

The 2021 edition of DataOp.Rocks took place 100% online, on the inwink platform.


  1. Gather and enliven the professional ecosystem of big data
  2. Expand Saagie’s awareness and strengthen its position as a thought leader on the topics of data intelligence


A strong program of sessions

To kick off the event, Saagie’s team scheduled an opening keynote session open to all participants, available in French and in English.

Next, 2 program tracks were run in parallel : a track dedicated to business decision makers, and a track designed for data specialists and tech decision makers.

Almost all sessions were played live with the inwink Live module. On the day of the event, this set-up enabled to simplify and make smoother the experience of speakers as well as that of the organizing staff, since the presentation experience was coordinated with the same tool.

The event content was made available after the event in replay, a functionality which is activated in just one click on inwink in the case of digital events.

An event managed with flexibility

An all-in-one platform, inwink enabled the Saagie team to orchestrate the event from start to finish with a single tool: set-up of the website, display of the event program, registrations, central tracking of event data in the Back-Office, showcase of the speakers, email communications with the registered, etc.

Saagie’s team was also able to leverage the possibilities provided by inwink’s simulive feature, by pre-recording a presentation and then streaming it at a specified time, exactly as if it were a live session. This functionality provides much flexibility, enabling a single speaker to run a presentation despite differences in time zones.

Finally, the possibilities offered by inwink to set-up event templates and to customize them as needed, enabled the Saagie team to save precious time in creating a 100%-digital event entirely under their company brand and image.


Showcasing saagie’s expertise, a mission accomplished

For Saagie, this event was a great opportunity to showcase its expertise and its position as a leader in the big data community. The broad range of powerful possibilities provided by the inwink platform to shape the event to reflect its image and brand, enabled Saagie to achieve its objective.

The Saagie team confirms that, as a result of the event success, a big visitor peak was observed on their corporate website, as well as a great number of downloads of the Saagie white paper “DataOps: DevOps as a lever to manage your projects”.