Visualize your event data with the connector inwink x Power BI

Combine data from your inwink events with data from other business applications (such as Salesforce, SAP, etc…) to improve decision-making and analyze the performance of your events and communities.

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The officiel connector inwink x Power BI

Event data is precious, enabling organizers to understand attendee preferences and tailor their events to deliver memorable, relevant experiences.

With this in mind, we have developed the official inwink x Power BI connector for our users, making inwink the 1st EventTech solution in the world to have its connector natively integrated with the Data Visualization solution.

What can you do with this event data?

👉 In-depth analysis of event performance

Power BI offers advanced analysis tools, including data modeling, interactive dashboard creation and customized report generation.

With the visualization of behavioral data contained in inwink, organizers can identify trends, patterns of attendee behavior and areas for improvement to optimize the planning of future events.

👉 Monitor the effectiveness of marketing acquisition campaigns

By using the inwink x Power BI connector, event organizers will be able to access a precise view of the results of their acquisition campaigns.

Attendee data collected during registration (including their acquisition channel) will be accessible in Power BI dashboards, enabling them to make informed decisions to optimize the ROI of their marketing actions.

« For the entire recruitment process prior to the event, we had a Power BI connector that gave the whole company visibility over the volume of registrants, the types of accounts registered… This visibility over the registered audiences then gave us the opportunity to review the recruitment marketing plan. »

Vanessa Maury, Data, CRM and Digital Marketing expert with several years’ experience at Microsoft

👉 Get to know your target better

The event business provides a wealth of information thanks to the data collected on participants.

This data can be used for future marketing campaigns to provide content targeted to participants’ interests, as well as by sales teams, who can capitalize on the visitor’s experience to send out targeted reminders.

« The persons have been to your event, have already consumed content, have been exposed to a demo.

The sales pitch in the follow-up mustn’t be a repetition of things they’ve already seen. You need to complete and continue the journey after the event. » 

Vanessa Maury, Data, CRM and Digital Marketing expert with several years’ experience at Microsoft

👉 Share event data securely with your team

No more struggling to keep up with dispersed reports : inwink x Power BI integration consolidates data from several different sources to create customized dashboards, which organizers can easily share with their teams.

With Power BI, granular permissions can be defined to restrict access to data to authorized users only.

This ensures that only appropriate people, such as members of the organizing team or key decision-makers, have access to confidential event data.

👉 Give sponsors and partners access to data

With Power BI, organizers can create dynamic and compelling visual reports to effectively communicate event results to all stakeholders, including sponsors and partners.

These reports can be customized to the specific needs of each target group, making it easier to understand event performance and impact.

By providing clear and accurate information, Power BI helps to build confidence and satisfaction among stakeholders, which can lead to greater financial support and stronger partnerships for future events.

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