Viva Technology enriches its event experience and boosts exhibitors contacts generation

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Viva Technology is the global tradeshow for startups and technological innovation. Founded in June 2016 by Publicis Group and Groupe Les Echos, the event has become one of the main technology tradeshows in Europe. 
In 2019, for its 4th edition, the Viva Tech team wanted to totally reinvent the participant experience. By leveraging the inwink event-intelligence platform, Viva Technology was able to provide a mobile application which met the significant challenges of such a large-scale event. 


1) Simplify navigation through the event content and help participants build their personalized agendas 

2)Feature exhibitors prominently and boost their contacts generation



Over the 3 days, Viva Technology features a very rich program of talks, pitches, workshops, and conferences. With nearly 1 700 sessions and 450 speakers, the mobile app made it easy and seamless for participants to access, browse, and search through the content. 

Accessibility to content: In order to ensure uninterrupted access to the event content from a mobile device and possibly off-line, the application displays content downloaded at the first connection. Content is refreshed as soon as the user is connected to the network. Throughout the event, the application is available on multi-channel: on desktops and on Apple or Android devices, both tablets, and smartphones. Furthermore, the event staff is able to communicate important information efficiently to participants by means of push notifications. 

Global search or search through filters: To enable an efficient search through the content and to ensure the relevance of search results proposed to the user, the inwink search engine relies on key words and tags associated to each record to provide search results in just a few milliseconds. Moreover, each user can browse the program by filtering his/her searches around one or several topics of interest, exhibitors, time slots, expo areas, dates, etc. 

Pinning favorites: A very popular feature among visitors, the possibility to pin content as favorites enables each user to prepare his/her visit prior to the event. Participants add exhibitors, innovation domains, sessions, to their lists of favorites, which enables them to save time on the day of their visit and to navigate the event effectively. 


Viva Technology is also a large exposition area, a great venue to facilitate meetings and exchanges among startups, large companies, investors, and media. With about 50,000 square meters at the Porte de Versailles’ convention center, the mobile application was an indispensable companion to guide the visitors through the alleys and to lead them to their meetings with fellow participants or exhibitors. 

Location: Every exhibitor was identified by a flag which made it easy to locate its booth on the premises: booth number, room name, pitch area…The location is displayed on the interactive event map available through the event application. 

Networking: Facilitating meetings among an audience of more than 100,000 attendees is a great challenge! By activating the networking feature and completing their centers of interest, participants received suggested contacts with relevant fellow participants showing a fit in terms of search criteria. The matchmaking algorithm enables participants to establish contact by means of the application, exchange messages and schedule meetings. 

Lead generation: Collecting qualified information about participants was one of the main objectives for this edition of Viva Technology. Thanks to the mobile application, every attendee was able to scan the QR code on the badge of any other participant. In just one click, the contact details of the participant whose badge was scanned, are stored in the application and can then be exported. Exhibitors have a dedicated workspace to manage the set of contacts generated by their sales and marketing teams and export these data. 



Conferences, exhibitors, innovations: the VivaTech program is rich and dense. This year’s visitors were able to leverage the application to a full extent to prepare their visit. The offline mode was appreciated.


The application empowered exhibitors and partners to track in real-time the leads generated by their teams. The possibility to set-up a custom contact form for each partner was a great feature, enabling them to qualify leads with more precise information.

A widely adopted functionality and greatly appreciated by exhibitors:

"The new inwink platform chosen by Viva Technology this year proved very effective. All members of our staff were able to use their own smartphones to scan visitors’ badges, add notes and comments during the discussions, and we were able to track in real time on our admin workspace the entire set of data collected. A great productivity tool that enhanced our time spent on our booth! "Alain Laidet, Associate Director at Wizaplace 

"For our first participation in Viva Technlogy, the Dell Technologies team had very clear objectives in terms of new leads generation. We leveraged to the full extent the tool provided by the event organizer. Robust, fast, and available off-line, the inwink mobile application enabled us to personalize and consolidate the information we wished to collect on every contact in order to be able to synch this data back into our CRM. We were thus able to make these leads available to our sales teams within 48 hours after the event." Pascal Nuger, EMEA Event Manager at Dell Technologies 

"The inwink mobile application helped us a great deal in the generation of new contacts during Viva Technology. Every Linkfluence team member was able to scan the visitors’ badges on his/her smartphone and qualify on the spot the contacts that were made. As Administrator, I had a global view, in real time, on the results of the entire team! " Matthieu Gauthier, Global Head of Demand Generation, Linkfluence