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General assemblies have not lost any of their prestige after going online

« With inwink, we save precious time in the organization of our online events, while offering a secured and user-friendly experience to our investors, from registration to post-event follow-up. »

Clarisse Bayol, Communication and Events Manager, Andera Partners

Key Figures

general assemblies every year
online session at each general assembly, hosted by the Andera team

The context

Andera Partners is a major player in private equity management in France and internationally.

Andera Partners hosts 6 general assemblies every year to update investors about the evolution and performance of their portfolios. These assemblies were traditionally held in person. Since 2020 and the covid-crisis, they have been transformed into online events.

For Andera Partners, it was very important to continue to address investors’ needs and expectations by providing them with a secure and seamless online experience for these occasions.


Andera Partners must fulfill its reporting requirements towards investors in its funds, and the general assemblies are an important element of these obligations.


To achieve this goal, the Andera Partners team chose inwink, a platform which enables it to deliver a high-quality experience at each event and to offer participants a unified interface at each step of the event.


” The inwink platform is powerful, and easy to get familiar with. Its constant pace of innovation ensures the solution keeps up with evolving needs, and the inwink team is conveniently available and professional… these are the major strong points which confirm that we made the right choice in terms of platform to organize our events.”

Nicolas Delsert, Communication & Events Lead, Andera Partners