Cegid industrializes its event strategy

Sylvère Duquenne

“The inwink solution enables us to simplify a great amount of tasks : easy to learn and easy to use, inwink gives us with the tools to provide our participants with a rich digital experience as well as to track the performance of each of our events. It will be hard for us to do without the platform!”

Sylvère Duquenne, Global Head of Marketing, Cegid


  1. Scale recurring events strategy
  2. Handle many events formats from a single platform


Cegid orchestrates very different event formats with inwink. Some are recurring (Cegid on Air), while other happens only once a year (Cegid Connections).

Cegid On Air

Every year, CEGID reaches out to the Registered Accountants with its ‘Cegid On Air’ roadshow which stops in 7 cities across France (Aix-En-Provence, Bordeaux, La Baule, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg).

On the agenda for these events: conferences and workshops on the major topics, issues and trends of the accounting profession.

CEGID has chosen inwink to orchestrate this roadshow and automate the repetitive tasks:

  •  Creation of a multiple-events web site
  •  Global, centralized management of all registrations
  • Collection of attendance data at each event
  •  Synchronization with Marketo of data collected at the events
  •  Automation and customization of communications to registrants
  •  Tracking and analysis of key indicators for each single event

Cegid Connection

Cegid Connections is Cegid’s flagship event, dedicated to HR, Finance, Accounting, Security and Retail’s professionals.

With more than 100 speakers, 2000 attendees and 27 partners gathered at the Palais des Congrès, Cegid have inspired its audience by offering a memorable brand experience (conferences, workshops, demonstrations, meetings …).

Cegid have capitalized on the power of inwink to:

  • Simplify registrations
  • Optimize attendee’s check-in
  • Send better communications to participants
  • Strengthen partner relationships
  • Synchronize event data with Marketo
  • Analyze website performance via third-party connectors
  • Organize live sessions
  • Measure participant satisfactio