Euratechnologies orchestrates 8-day-long exceptional series of events in full autonomy

Christina Sourieau

“inwink enabled us to rapidly roll out the event marketing setup and smoothly manage our 8-days-long series of events thanks to its impressive technical and functional capabilities. A central point of access to all the features necessary to marketers and communications managers in one single platform, makes the solution very powerful, in particular for data control and management. It was our dream, inwink made it true.”

Chistina Sourieau, Marketing and Communication Director, Euratechnologies

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The context

EuraTechnologies, an incubator and accelerator of startups, based in Lille, works to help boost innovation at startups, SMB’s, and large companies.

For its 10th anniversary, EuraTechnologies organized a special event to celebrate the progress accomplished so far and introduce its roadmap for the next few years. More than 6000 visitors, 300 startups, and 100 speakers were gathered to exchange views and ideas on digital innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.


  1. Develop centralized management of content, of the various stakeholders, and of the overall animation
  2. Roll out an event marketing setup designed for all stakeholders


8 days of events within the event!

Organizers thought big for this anniversary! An 8-days-long program of conferences, workshops, masterclasses, a giant hackathon, guided tours, a startups weekend, a major job fair, business meetings, and so on. It was an ambitious endeavour which required a centralized management of content, of the various stakeholders, and of the overall animation. 

A very rich program: more than 100 sessions for different audiences were scheduled over 8 days. An extensive offering of content which had to be created, managed, and communicated effectively. This orchestration process was handled with the inwink Back-Office: content editing, modifications recording, publishing of the event’s website. 

Several event formats: the EuraTechnologies campus in Lille, covering almost 80 000 sq. meters of surface, was set-up to host the various events: auditorium, meeting rooms, atrium… The hosting capacity of these different physical locations had to be taken into account to organize the operation. With inwink, the organizing team defined quotas based on the hosting capacity of every room. It enabled an smart management of registrations, attendees flows, and access controls.   

A diversified audience: the content of the event was addressed to various audiences. The profiles of participants were different from one event to the other: official partners, entrepreneurs, investors, students, … The organizing team defined a category taxonomy for these different audiences in order to send customized communications, to efficiently guide the attendees, and to track participation effectively.  

An event marketing setup designed for all stakeholders

In order to organize such an event and continuously arouse the audience’s interest over 8 consecutive days, EuraTechnologies activated several communication channels and rolled out a large-scale event marketing setup.     

An announcement at every key moment of the event: the organizer sent out several types of announcements by emails and notifications on the event’s website. On the one hand, automated, transactional communications to confirm registrations, send badges and practical information. On the other hand, contextualized event communications to announce the program of the day, encourage participation to workshops, and boost networking participation. 

A unified experience on desktop and mobile phone: the participant experience had to be seamless and multi-devices. On desktop before the event, and in mobility situation with the mobile phone app on D-day. A rich event digital experience enabled by the inwink features which offer personalized agendas and networking among attendees. Every participant can customize his/her content selection and organize his/her event experience. 


A precise measure of actions

To measure the operation’s performance, the organizing team deployed a data collection schema all along the event cycle. Dashboards and the event reporting were based on a daily tracking of marketing actions, registrations, and attendance. For every day of the event, several key indicators were tracked by the organizer: global attendance, per-category attendance, total numbers of online and on-site registrations, emailing performance, most popular sessions, and so on.