Finance Active 

obtains precise data on participants for its webinars and in-person events with inwink

« inwink enables us to set up our event sites with a harmonious branding in line with what we want to offer. We’ve been able to develop pages in the Club Finance Active colors, so that our customers can feel at home in our brand universe. »

Baptiste Coquelin, Public Sector Marketing Manager at Finance Active


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Finance Active is a French fintech that develops finance and debt management software for local public sector players such as cities, departments, regions, local authorities, or public health establishments.

In order to animate the customer network and keep them informed of the latest product and sector news, Finance Active teams organize a number of events throughout the year:

  • A series of recurring webinars
  • In-person events: les Rencontres Finance Active, held in 6 different French cities

What we propose to our customers includes the solution in SaaS mode, a dedicated consultant to support them on a day-to-day basis, and access to the Finance Active Club. This club provides access to the in-person events we organize throughout the year, webinars, content created specifically for them, and training courses. 


The inwink platform was set up by the Finance Active teams to manage this entire online and in-person event strategy, with 3 main objectives:

  • Deliver a series of webinars to customers on a regular basis.
  • Obtain precise data on event activities, integrated directly into Salesforce CRM.
  • Offer customers a branded event experience.


How do you deliver a series of webinars to your customers on a very regular basis?

Finance Active’s events strategy revolves around the recurrent broadcasting of webinars. The aim of these webinars is to provide the customer community with quality content on product innovations and the latest industry news throughout the year.

For each webinar, an event is created in inwink, with a registration landing page and associated transactional emails, such as registration confirmation and various reminders.

To ensure the production of this video content, Finance Active teams have invested in equipment to create their own production studio.

For the webinars we run throughout the year, we’ve set up an in-house studio with cameras, a backdrop, tie microphones and a multicam computer that serves as our control room. This enables us to achieve a fairly high-quality rendering compared to a traditional videoconference.

The video content created is then broadcast on the inwink platform in simulive mode, thus overcoming the risks of live broadcasting. To maintain interactivity in case there are questions, the chat is left open, and moderators are responsible for providing answers.

The combination of content produced in the “in-house” production studio and broadcast in full HD on inwink results in very high quality, which aims to optimize the experience of online participants.

Simulive gives us the flexibility to produce content in a less stressful, higher-quality way. We no longer have problems related to a poor internet connection or a speaker who can’t connect, for example.

How do you get accurate event activity data integrated directly into Salesforce?

One of the most important functionalities the Finance Active teams was looking for in their event management platform was the ability to connect natively with Salesforce CRM.

On Salesforce, each event organized corresponds to a campaign. We’ll have the name of the event, the number of registrants and the number of participants. The integration allows us to see which events worked best, which events attracted which types of customers… We get a segmentation by event.

This integration enables the teams to obtain more precise tracking of the various campaigns linked to events that have been generated with inwink.

It’s mainly for reporting purposes at the moment, but our ambition is to hold webinars dedicated to prospects only, now that we’ve fully mastered inwink. Integrating the solution with Salesforce will enable us to measure the impact of these events in terms of lead generation.

Also, for in-person events, the inwink OnSite application dedicated to badge generation and on-site sign-in is used, giving organizing teams a real-time view of participant data.

Though I wasn’t necessarily on site during the Rencontres Finance Active, I could check the up-to-date attendance information remotely in inwink. And then, all this data collected during the event automatically feeds back into our CRM. 

How can you offer your customers a branded event experience?

The ability of the inwink platform to offer a 100% customizable, white-label solution was a major advantage for Finance Active’s teams in their choice of an event management solution.

inwink enables us to set up our event sites with harmonious branding in line with what we want to offer. We’ve been able to develop pages in the Club Finance Active colours, so that our customers are in our branded environment

The creation of easily configurable and cloneable templates for different formats also enables the industrialization of the creation of new events, all using the company’s visual identity.

I’ve been able to develop templates for webinars, and templates for in-person events, and duplicate them very quickly. This gives us the flexibility to offer new events with a high-quality, harmonious design.


In 2022, inwink was used to organize and manage all events dedicated to Finance Active customers, i.e.:

  • + 20 webinars, with an average of 100 participants
  • 5 editions of the « Rencontres Finance Active » providing the opportunity to exchange views with almost 200 customers

Industrialized event production, native integration with Salesforce CRM and a white-label solution are just some of the reasons why inwink is such a valuable operational tool for Finance Active’s teams.

What’s more, the solution’s ease of use optimizes the time needed to set up a new event.

The intuitive side of inwink, with its drag-and-drop functionality for customizing pages in CMS mode, means we can create and duplicate event templates, saving us a lot of time.