Lengow Day going 100% digital: a powerful lever for international communication

« For the first 100% online edition of Lengow Day, inwink was able to understand our needs and adapt to them as they took shape! One of the essential strengths of the platform is its capacity to centralize so many different tools in one. »

 Anne-Sophie Gaborit, Events Communication Manager

Key Figures

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The context

Lengow is a French software editor specializing in e-commerce.

Lengow Day is a European event dedicated to e-commerce which Lengow has been hosting annually in Paris for the past few years. This year, for the first time, Lengow Day goes 100% digital.

For Lengow, it is an opportunity to broaden its international reach and to showcase its brand.


  1. Strengthen brand awareness! Use the event as a springboard for international communication.
  2. Feature event partners


Use the event to showcase the brand at an international scale

A very rich agenda, on a thoughtfully designed website

The event agenda is very rich, offering keynotes and round tables with many prestigious speakers, from 10 AM until 3 PM on the day of the event.

Shorter workshop sessions are also available. Each participant can choose to attend workshops in line with their interests, in live or in replay.

All video sessions are pre-recorded, thus guaranteeing optimal quality, minimizing the risk of a technical mishap during live streaming and enabling speakers to be fully focused on answering questions on D-day.

This content is displayed on a website with a polished graphic design, specifically created for the event.

A well-crafted communication, both in terms of content and in tone

An event communication plan was launched a few weeks before the event.

Two objectives are sought: make the Lengow Day as visible as possible and make it easy for participants to prepare for the event in advance.

The tone that was used in the communications is precisely crafted. Lengow’s teams have thought of many details, which projects a very compelling overall impression.

For example, a Playground page is dedicated to fun activities for the children of participants working from home on the day of the event. Participants can also find an event Spotify paylist on this page.

Another example is the feedback collecting process: by filling in the satisfaction questionnaires, participants enter a lottery draw to win Airpods.

Showcase partners’ value proposition

Optimized business meetings

One of the effective ways to bring value to Partners packages is to provide partners with optimized conditions for business meetings, so they can maximize the number and quality of leads generated.

To ensure all partners have a good grip on the business meetings tool, Lengow teams organized a webinar for all partners, 2 weeks before the event (available in replay after that) to demonstrate the business meetings module and engage them on the opportunity.

Making partners visible at every step of communication

At every step of the communication plan, Lengow put the spotlight on event partners.


1600 participants from all around the world

1 600 retailers took part in the event. On the event day, participants connected from 37 different countries. The international reach of the event was made possible by leveraging the 100%-online format.

Business meetings : 2500 meeting requests

Thanks to all the communication actions that Lengow teams carried out before the event, Lengow Day registered over 2 500 1to1 meeting requests between participants and partners.