Les Echos-Le Parisien Events 

A wide variety of events managed from a single plateform

« It was essential for us to find a platform that could handle all of our events, whatever the format, and all-year-long. This is what inwink does for us.

In 2022, our objective is to keep improving the journeys we offer to our target audiences. To this end, we keep a close collaboration with the inwink team to stay at the forefront of the innovation curve in the event industry.”

Aude Thomas-Criton, Digital and Marketing Director, Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements

Key Figures


The context

Les Échos Le Parisien Événements is the organization in charge of events for the French media group Les Échos-Le Parisien. This team of 40 persons orchestrates over 60 events every year throughout France, as a channel to showcase and share the content produced by the editorial teams from les Echos, le Parisien, Investir, Boursier, and Radio Classique.

This broad portfolio of in-person, online, and hybrid events cover a wide range of topics and objectives, and are marketed under 8 different brands.

This is the main reason for which Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements expressed the need for a single platform that would enable the organization of all types of events, from tradeshows with tens of thousands of visitors, to 1-hour conferences on a specific topic.


  1. Manage a variety of events from a single tool
  2. Maximize networking and meetings between participants and partners


Manage a broad variety of events from a single tool

All 60 events by Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements were organized on inwink in 2021.

These events range from an online single-page event to flagship events like Go Entrepreneurs, Inclusive Day, Investir Day or Common Good Summit, etc., some of which gather up to 50.000 participants, sometimes over a full week.

To comply with the Covid-related government guidelines, some of these events had to take place 100% digitally (Inclusive Day, Go Entrepreneurs Paris), while others were hybrid, offering both onsite and online participation (Investir Day, Forum des Associations).

The inwink functional scope was fully leveraged to manage the most elaborate events: networking, ticketing, business meetings, etc. This broad range of possibilities makes it easier for Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements to keep improving the quality of the digital experience for participants and partners.

In total, 40 people in Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements team collaborate on the inwink platform, to produce efficiently all these events.

Maximize networking and meetings between participants and partners

Interactivity and networking among participants are two major goals for Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements team.

On the Go Entrepreneurs event for example, interactions among participants are very important. The audience attends the event for the main purpose of making new connections and meeting with peers.

On 100% digital events, the Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements teams rely on inwink networking features to offer

  • Automated matchmaking among participants
  • Online discussion rooms setup by topic which participants can freely join to exchange with other participants

On hybrid events, in-person networking meetings are played out alongside online automated matchmaking.


The internal team is engaged and satisfied

Now that the implementation of the inwink platform is effective within the les Echos Le Parisien Evénements and that the teams have been trained, the sky is the limit for 2022!

Teams work in full autonomy to directly implement any feature they wish for their event. They can do it all by themselves on inwink!

The inwink platform enables the team to be more agile and efficient.

Partners are happy

Partners and sponsors of the events have been sharing excellent feedback on the ease of use of the tool, in particular regarding the Partner workspace provided by inwink.

Participants are impressed

With inwink, the Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements team can create optimal online experiences, with intuitive and seamless navigation for participants.

Participants find everything they need in one place (contacts, planning, event agenda, sessions, etc.), and this place is 100% under the brand of the event organizer.