Losam centralizes the management of its event websites with inwink

«We needed a platform to manage all our events and registrations, which is what inwink enables us to do. Not only do we have full visibility of our events, but we can also highlight partners and manage participants and sessions.»

Capucine Quesnel, Project Director at Losam

Key Figures

events in 2022
registrations at Future of Finance 2022
thematic tables during Future of Finance 2022


Losam is a B2B networking agency, which aims to put companies in touch with decision-makers to meet their needs and support them in their transformations.

In order to federate this network and facilitate introductions, the organization of events is at the heart of Losam’s strategy.

The aim of these events is to support CxOs and their teams in their transformations. To achieve this, a rich programme is put together including privileged networking moments, inspiring talks, and exchanges of concrete best practices amongst peers. These are also opportunities to exchange ideas with experts who can respond to their needs.

2 types of events are organized:

  • « Future of » events : a one-day in-person event covering all business sectors (Supply Chain, Data, Finance, Cloud, Procurement, etc.), with the main aim of bringing key players together.

  • The « Awards » : to reward the best initiatives in each sector.


In 2018, Losam began looking for a platform to manage the organization of all its events and meet the following objectives:

  • Ensure event management in a single centralized tool
  • Promote its network of partners
  • Promote exchanges via a dedicated networking format
  • Keep an event alive once it’s over by distributing content


We needed a platform to manage all our events and registrations, which is what inwink enables us to do. Not only do we have full visibility of our events, but we can also highlight partners and manage participants and sessions.  Capucine Quesnel, Directrice des projets RH chez Losam.

How to manage events using a single, centralized tool?

The inwink platform is used daily by 15 members of the Losam Agency team to manage all event organization.

For each event, a dedicated event website is created using the integrated CMS editor (based on pre-configured blocks and ready-to-use pages).

What’s really positive is how easy it is to use inwink; from the CMS, you can fill in information in blocks and create event websites with an interesting visual, adds Capucine.

On these event websites, visitors can register via forms fully integrated and customized in inwink.

Once registration is complete, we use the emailing module to send reminders to registrants. Several emails are sent before the event to provide participants with the necessary information. It’s a good way of keeping them engaged without spamming them.

For these in-person events, the inwink OnSite badge generation and sign-in application is also used, providing the team with participation data tracking.

We consult the data in real time from the back-office. This allows us to know the number of people attending each session and how many have connected to the platform.

How to promote partners?

« Future of » events are an opportunity for the Losam team to put participants in touch with partners ready to provide them with support solutions.

For Future of HR, the idea of the event is to invite Human Resources Departments to meet HR solutions providers who can meet their needs. The aim is to enable them to meet and exchange ideas with peers and experts, and then possibly work together.

The partners of these events are highlighted through thematic networking tables that they host, and through which they can showcase their expertise.

To perpetuate the relationships created during these networking tables, the inwink LeadGen badge scanning application is used. At the end of the event, this application enables partners to retrieve all the data on the participants they have met.

To publicize their participation in the event, the Losam team provides partners with access to a dedicated space, from which they can prepare their attendance independently.

We’ve had good feedback on the management of the Partner Area. Partners appreciate the fact that they can upload information and documents on their own.

How to encourage exchanges via a dedicated networking format?

Future of HR takes the form of a half-day in-person event with participants seated at thematic tables.

These small, thematic tables encourage interaction and networking between participants and partners.

To determine who will be seated at which table or meet with which partner, information on the challenges and objectives of each participant is requested on the event registration form. This then enables the Losam team to analyse this data and make a personalized match.

The promise of exchange made to participants is also kept, with time and space set aside for networking during these events. 

How do you keep the event going once it’s over?

Additional content is published on inwink to continue to create connections beyond the event date and engage participants over the long term.

For Future of HR, we have an e-book created for the event which includes everything that was said. This keeps the platform alive after the event.

Other content such as barometers, trend reports, feedback and podcasts are also made available and can be consulted on the websites generated with inwink.


Twenty events organized with inwink in 2022, including:

  • Future of Finance 2022, regroupant :
    • + 1 000 registrants
    • 35 partners
    • 40 thematic tables
  • Future of HR 2022, regroupant :
    • + 500 registrants
    • 18 partners
    • 25 thematic tables

The ease of use of inwink and its ability to generate event websites very quickly means that Losam’s event organization is constantly optimized.

The event websites don’t require manual management of registrations, so when we need to make a change, we just have to change the text, no coding to do, which saves us time and makes us more efficient.

For 2023, another twenty events are already planned using inwink, with the Losam team taking advantage of the duplication feature to quickly reproduce the 2022 events.