Next Media Solutions

manages its highly varied events from a 360° platform

“When looking for a tool to manage the registration forms for our events, I instantly realized that inwink was the best solution on the market.

An all-in-one tool allowing the management of all aspects of the event, including large ones, were important points.”

Sibyl Georges-Picot, Community and Marketing Director

The context

Next Media Solutions is the advertising agency for brands of Altice Media: RMC, (RMC, RMC Découverte, RMC Story, RMC Sport), BFM (BFMTV, BFM Business, BFM Paris and all BFM for other regions) as well as 01NET amongst others.

On top of organizing numerous events each year, the agency is recognized by its capacity to develop innovative and integrated solutions for these brands.

These events are of various kinds: ceremonies, competitions, trade shows, conferences, public relations events, digital trade shows, etc.

They are both a mix of events owned by NMS’s brands and events packaged for partner companies.

Analyzing and understanding audiences is key for NMS, in order to answer partners’ demands and be aligned with communities they manage.

To do this, the company relies on an all-in-one event management platform capable of collecting all their data.


  1. Manage a wide variety of events from a single platform
  2. Collect event data to understand audiences


Manage a wide variety of events from a single platform

The events organized by Next Media Solutions throughout the year are very diverse. They vary by their formats and by the objectives they meet.

The choice of the event platform was therefore strategic as it had to adapt to all these events and offer a wide range of functionalities that precisely met the objectives of each of them.

Here are some examples of events organized by Next Media Solutions with inwink:

Trophées PME RMC

Type of event: Televised

Specifics of the event: For this event, NMS needs to centralize all the registrations and applications, orchestrate 6 regional ceremonies, and then a large national ceremony. They must therefore make the event website evolve continuously, according to the progress of the event, and manage a tree-like structure of the base site with its sister sites for the different regions.

BFM Awards

Type of event: Business event and PR

Specifics of the event: This awards event must be, on one hand seen by as many people as possible and on the other, offer a very premium component reserved for a selection of VIP guests. Registrations must allow for different statuses to be assigned to participants, and the platform must be able to treat participants differently, both in terms of communication and during the event itself.

Digital Expos

Specifics of the event: This type of event must both, allow highlighting the partners by offering virtual spaces where they can present their offers, like a digital stand, and to enhance the richness of conferences content sponsored by partners.

Two examples:

Impact PME, co-organised by BFM and CPME

Amazon Academy, organised for a partner company

Collect event data to understand audiences

For Next Media Solutions, understanding audiences is at the heart of the success of the event. Choosing an event platform that puts the utmost importance on data was therefore essential.With inwink, event data is fed back to the Back-Office in real time and can then be analyzed by the organizing teams.

This data covers the information given by the participant in the registration form, the registrations to sessions before the event, and the content consumed during the event (in video format during digital events and tracked live thanks to badge scans during in-person events).


Almost 30 events managed in the first year with inwink, in the midst of the covid crisis

Thanks to the collaboration with inwink, Next Media Solutions was able to maintain their event activity while transforming of all its event devices in an agile way.

Converted event teams

All the people who make up Next Media Solutions’ event teams now work on a centralized tool. This 360° approach saves them time on the logistical aspects of event organization.