OEC Paris Île-de-France orchestrates their entire set of events from a unified platform


“All along the project cycle and until the first day of the conference, we could rely on the quality of the professional services provided by the inwink team. Availability, attention, and reactivity: their advice and counsel were precious to help our team to leverage fully the event website and the mobile application.”

Raphaële Bortolin, Communication and projects Director, OEC PARIS


The Patrimony Club

The Patrimony Club of the Association of Chartered Accountants of Paris Ile-de-France gathers accountants and auditors who provide services in wealth management to their clients. 

In 2018, the Club hosted about 600 accounting professionals at 14 events held in Paris and in several cities the greater Paris area (Evry, Versailles, Vaux-le-Pénil, Saint-Maur des FossésEnghien-les-Bains…). 

Conferences and classes taught by renowned experts helped members of the Paris Association strengthen their competencies on the topic of patrimonial advisory services. 

The Regional Association of Chartered Accounts of Paris Ile-de-France orchestrates the entire set of events of the Patrimony Club with inwink : 

  • Creation of a multi-events website
  • Registrations forms duplicated across the 14 dates
  • Centralized content and registrations management with a single Back-Office
  • Onsite check-in of participants
  • Dashboard to track attendance data at all events

Annual Summer Conference

In September 2018, the Regional Association of Chartered Accountants of Paris- Ile-de-France hosted its annual conference: the ‘’Universités d’été’’. Over the 4-day event, 5500 accountants, auditors, and collaborators of accounting firms gathered to listen to and learn about the trends and changes in the profession. 

About 70 partners presented their offerings in the exhibition area of the Palais des Congrès de Paris. The venue provided an open space which was conducive to meetings and encounters. Thanks to the event mobile application, partners were able to capitalize on their meetings by scanning the badges and taking notes about the contacts. 

The Regional Association of Chartered Accounts of Paris Ile-de-France chose inwink to orchestrate the event from start to finish, and to manage efficiently the content of the conference as well as attendance data:

  • Creation of the conference website and mobile application
  • Management of registrations and communications to participants
  • Creation of the various tracks and update of content and sessions
  • Leads management with the mobile application
  • Data collection about attendance at all sessions
  • Tracking in real-time of data pertaining to the event
  • Generation of attendance certificates and generation of satisfaction surveys


“We could rely on the availability, excellent advice, and strong expertise of the inwink team, and with the inwink platform we were able to deploy an event website of great qualityWe continue to work with the inwink team for our upcoming conferences, and our customers are just as pleased as we are about the quality of services provided by inwink. A big thank you !”
Caroline Laurent, Project director at  Ordre des Experts-Comptables Paris