Option finance

Option Finance orchestrates all its events with a single platform

Adeline Fequant

« We were looking for an all-in-one platform with which we could manage all of our events. Before inwink, we used to work with a set of separate software tools for registration, emailing, satisfaction surveys, etc. With inwink, we made significant gains in productivity and execution cycle.  inwink enables us to showcase our conferences and partners with a dedicated internet website for each event. »

Adeline FEQUANT, Event operations Manager, Option Finance

Key Figures

Annual events
participants on average
satisfaction rate
expert speakers for each event

The context

Option Finance is a diversified media group addressing professional audiences and communities with an interest in the fields of finance, law, asset management and institutional investment.

Every year, Option Finance organizes over 25 events and 8 webinar series to gather these communities around current topics and trends in their fields.


Manage 25 annual events, in-person, hybrid or 100 % online, from a single platform


A broad variety of formats and topics

Option Finance’s event offering is very rich and diverse in terms of topics, formats and visual identities:

  • Topics: Innovation in finance, Asset Management, M&A, Insurance, Socially-responsible Investment, Law…
  • Visual identity: each event has its own visual identity (colors, logo, fonts, etc.)
  • Formats: events can be online, in-person or hybrid
  • Registrations: by invitation only, available for a fee, or free and open to everyone
  • Partners: a selected set of different partners for each event
  • Participants experience: features vary from one event to the other: live, replay, business meetings, networking opportunities…

Productivity gains by leveraging an all-in-one platform

Option Finance’s event teams chose an all-in-one platform with which they can efficiently manage this varied offering of events.

With inwink, Option Finance’s teams are able to savea significant amount of time by automating tasks required for creating a website for each event, and for managing partners relationship.


From September to December, 10 events already managed by just one team with a single platform

Option Finance’s event team can now organize a very large set of events every year and stay flexible about each event’s format (in-person, digital, hybrid) until the very last moment, since inwink is designed to handle all formats.

By managing all events with an all-in-one platform, the team can save precious time on logistics, which enables them to focus on high value-added tasks, such as looking for speakers or creating event content.

300 participants for each edition with a 98%-satisfaction rate

On average, each event gathers 300 participants. The average satisfaction rate for Option Finance’s events is a remarkable 98%!