Start-up Inside

brings AI players together thanks to its 100%-digital events

« inwink is the reference platform for creating online business events. The platform covers all the needs and challenges faced by companies in terms of BtoB events. Itis clearly the best on the market! »

Damien Gromier, CEO and Cofounder

Key Figures

30 to 50
speakers by event
participants by event
partners (companies, startups, institutions)

The context

Based in Paris, Startup Inside works with companies, startups and large organizations all over the world. Its mission is to create synergies between Artificial Intelligence players and to spread new working practices which power startups through large established companies.

To achieve this goal, Startup Inside offers companies immersive trainings in various formats: innovation labs, pitch coaching, design thinking workshops, etc. Being very invested in the issue of how artificial intelligence can positively impact society, and in its application in all economic sectors, Startup Inside also organizes events for various ecosystems.

In this context, the series of events “AI for…” was designed to gather all AI actors in a given sector : companies, startups, private and public institutions, etc. around key topics such as health, finance, industry, creativity, etc.

The objective: foster collaboration between all these players to help create tomorrow’s future.

To facilitate this connection in a context where collaboration between players has proved essential, all the “AI for” events were organized 100% online in 2020.


The « AI for » events target varied audiences, but always share 2 main objectives:

  1. Encourage interactions among stakeholders: participants, partners, speakers
  2. Showcase high-quality, concrete content


Encourage networking and interactions between participants and partners

Startup Inside demonstrates that one of the key levers to maximize interaction opportunities on the day of the event, is to onboard partners early on. It comes down to helping partners use their dedicated online workspace fully to optimize their experience, maximize exposure, and leverage interactions with participants.

The event organizing team offers a personalized support in several steps:

  • Webinars, made available in replay afterwards in the partners workspace
  • Regular email reminders
  • Interactive tutorials available in the partners workspace
  • Dedicated Help Desk chat
  • FAQ help page

Partners’ visibility which is essential to trigger discussions with participants, is achieved by showcasing partners in a dedicated demo zone.

Partners can personalize their digital booth in full autonomy, by adding links, texts, images, documents, and videos. User experience is intuitive, and the organizing team is always available to help. Partners are then visible and reachable by participants via the event homepage, the demo-zone, the event timeline, and the sponsored sessions.

Showcase sessions content

For 3 years now, Startup Inside conferences have been widely recognized for the high quality of their content and speakers.

30 to 150 expert speakers take part in each event.

The online format makes it possible for speakers from all over the world to participate in the events, thus broadening the scope of possible collaborations.

Speakers are invited to connect on the event at the broadcasting time, to answer the participants’ questions in real time in the chat.


Up to 3000 qualified attendees for each event

“AI for” events are very successful. They gather between 300 and 3000 quality attendees on each digital edition of the event.

Startup Inside offers up to 100 digital booths for each event. It is an opportunity for partners to present their offerings and their use cases to a highly-qualified audience.