Monaco Private Label

An outstanding participant experience for its annual summit

« Thanks to inwink, we have been able to offer a high-quality online experience that is complementary to the in-person event. The content produced for the event will have a greater impact, reaching more people over a longer period of time. »

Michel Bouquier, Senior Advisor at Finance and Economy Department Monaco

Key Figures

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The context

Monaco Private Label is an international network of “Ultra High Networth” people, created in 2009 at the initiative of the Government of Monaco, to identify and gather international investors, in order to invite them to invest or move to the Principality.

Each year, the Monaco Private Label organizes the Monaco Private Label Annual Summit, an event for existing and potential future members of the network.


The Monaco Private Label Annual Summit has two main objectives:

  • To enable members to meet, share ideas and network in a pleasant setting
  • To maintain the image of the Monaco Private Label and the Principality of Monaco among existing and potential future members


Enable the members to meet to exchange and network, in a pleasant environment

The priority of the Monaco Private Label Annual Summit is to enable existing members of the network to meet in-person, in an exceptional setting. The face-to-face part of the event is available for a fee and reserved to existing members.

The organizing teams have decided to add a digital component to this face-to-face event, ensuring the content produced for the event a wider reach, and enabling the event to be opened to potential future members.

The first day of the event was 100% digital, with the broadcast of pre-recorded sessions.

Days 2 and 3 were held in Monaco, in exceptional locations, and in a more intimate setting, including a cocktail party, a gala dinner, a breakfast (activities therefore reserved for face-to-face meetings) and several presentation sessions, which were broadcast entirely online.

To maintain the image of the Monaco Private Label and the Principality of Monaco among existing and potential future members

The digital aspect of the event, entirely set up with inwink, was an important vector for Monaco Private Label to spread a positive image of the event and the Principality beyond the event’s face-to-face constraints.

A total of 57 sessions were broadcast on the online event, highlighting the various attractions and advantages of Monaco.

The publishing of this content online helps to establish a positive long-term relationship with future investors, to show existing members the richness of their network, and more generally to spread a positive image of Monaco.

During the month following the event, the sessions remained available in replay on the website. The digital event thus enabled the Summit to expand its boundaries, both geographically and in time.

Recruiting new members is always an objective, but not in a direct way.  Establishing a contact and then maintaining a close relationship of trust is a long-term process, in an inbound (and never outbound) approach. The event can however be an important first step.

The online event has also enabled to convince many partners to get involved and create and share their content. By offering them a digital space to showcase their offerings, the organizers were able to convince partners to bring their content to life through this event.


57 sessions broadcast during the event

A total of 57 sessions, covering the entire universe of the principality, with prestigious speakers, were broadcasted on the event, thanks to a mix of pre-recorded and then live broadcast. The richness of this program, designed for the event, continues to live thanks to replay.

A successful experience appreciated by the participants

Even for an audience that is not very digital native, the feedback from the participants about the digital component was positive. The experience is becoming an integral part of Monaco Private Label’s strategy, and this is made possible by a technological partnership with inwink.