Tech Rocks

Tech Rocks enhances the experience of its attendees with inwink

Nicolas Silberman

“For the past few years, our annual summit has been an excellent opportunity for Tech Leaders to come together, meet in-person and get the complete event experience. With the global health crisis, we were sceptical on the possibility of even hosting an event this year. Thankfully, with inwink we were able to organize our first 100% digital event with great success!”

Nicolas Siberman, Co-founder, Tech Rocks


Tech Rocks hosts at Station F its annual conference which gathers its community of Tech Leaders: CTO, VP of engineering, R&D Director, etc.
The conference features a dense program of 30 conferences, workshops, or customer testimonials, and a dedicated space for side meetings.
About 600 tech leaders and 20 partners attended this year’s edition.
Since 2018, Tech Rocks uses inwink to orchestrate this important event from start to finish:
  • Creation of a website to showcase the event
  • Online ticketing
  • Registrations management classified under different categories
  • Publishing of a mobile app on the App Store and the Play Store
  • Personalized badges Communications and mailings to registrants
  • Assignment of tasks to partners and collect of partners marketing materials
  • On-site on-demand badge printing and participant check-in
  • Badges scanning on the premises and tracking of attendance flows
  • Leads management for partners by means of the mobile application
  • Dashboards to track attendance data in real-time throughout the venue