maximizes reach for their Inbound Marketing France event with a digital format

michel brebion

« For Winbound, Inbound Marketing France is an essential opportunity to gather our whole ecosystem around topics for which we are the experts. With inwink, we were able to maximize the reach of the event:  more people, coming from everywhere, over a longer period of time. »

Michel Brébion, Founder and CEO, Winbound

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online event
in-person event for VIPs
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The context

Winbound is an agency specialized in BtoB lead acquisition strategies, via inbound marketing and account-based marketing.

Every year, since 2018, Winbound organizes an event dedicated to inbound marketing, called Inbound Marketing France.

This event has its very own DNA: thanks to an exceptional casting of speakers who are usually not seen on the French scene, Inbound Marketing France is highly renowned within the French BtoB Marketing community.


  1. Engage a community of 6.000+ marketers, through the sharing of knowledge and experience
  2. Confirm Winbound as thought leader in the BtoB Marketing ecosystem


To reach these objectives, Winbound deploys a high-level content program and leverages a hybrid format to broadcast it.

A high-level content program

The event’s success relies on a very rich content line up, with many expert speakers who come to share best practices and testimonials with their peers.

The online format of the event makes it possible to have five full days of conferences, instead of having to group all conferences in one day, like previous in-person editions.

The participants can attend any conference they wish, without having to choose.

Content is delivered in 3 different formats:

  • Masterclasses : experts talks with a guest client, on a 30-min slot with Q&A.
  • Conferences and roundtables : in-person talks, shot in Rennes and broadcast live online.
  • Rooms : live

Hybrid format helps amplify reach for this incredible content

The 2021 event was hybrid: 80% online, 20% in-person.

There was one VIP Day in Rennes, reserved to a hundred in-person attendees, with 5 live conferences, broadcast simultaneously online, and the rest of the content distributed over the 5 days of the online event.

Most of the conferences were shot beforehand, and broadcast simulive on the day of the event. Simulive enabled more flexibility in the organization. Some speakers who would have not been available at the right time were able to take part in the event thanks to the simulive mode.

The live format was kept for 5 key conferences, in order to create excitement for both audiences online and in-person.

To maximize interactivity for the online audience during online broadcast, a social media team oversaw the livening up of the sessions (with chat, Q&A, surveys etc.)

Finally, all the conferences were filmed to accommodate the online format, and this video content will be leveraged in a long-term content strategy. After the event, Winbound launched a WebTV, displaying 100 videos available on-demand.


A larger audience

Thanks to the online event, the audience was larger this year, with over 2.500 attendees, when the in-person event usually hosts 1.200 delegates. Furthermore, this audience was attending from all parts of France, and not only from the region where the venue is located.

Content created for the event can continue to live after the event

Winbound created a post-event WebTV with 100 replay videos, leveraging the content produced for the event.

Thanks to this set-up, the event has already generated more than a hundred additional leads in the months following the event.