Integrate your inwink data into Salesforce

Thanks to the official “inwink x Salesforce” connector, your event participants’ data can be used directly in your CRM.

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The inwink x Salesforce connector

The use of Salesforce by our users, event organizers, has been growing rapidly for several years.

For the past 5 years, our inwink event management platform has included a Salesforce connector to meet the need for real-time synchronization of inwink contact data with this CRM.

inwink x Salesforce integration features

👉 Create leads / contacts quickly in Salesforce

The inwink x Salesforce connector automates your lead/contact creation process in Salesforce.

It detects whether the email address used for registration in inwink exists in Salesforce and will automatically create a lead/contact if this is not the case.

You can define whether registrants and attendees at an inwink event are considered leads or contacts.

👉 Qualify leads from your events

When your event ends, the inwink x Salesforce connector will automatically update the prospect/contact record with their attendance and engagement information.

This will give your sales teams more contextual information for more effective follow-up.

👉 Automatically create Salesforce campaigns from inwink events

1 inwink event = 1 Salesforce campaign

  • Automatically create a Salesforce campaign when creating an inwink event.
  • Track event leads/contacts in your Salesforce campaigns for real-time updates.
  • Get a precise view of your events’ ROI.

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Baptiste COQUELINPublic Sector Marketing Manager, Finance Active

On Salesforce, each event organized corresponds to a campaign. We’ll have the name of the event, the number of registrants and the number of participants. The integration allows us to see which events worked best, which events attracted which types of customers… We get a segmentation by event.

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Using HubSpot?

With the integration of HubSpot with inwink, marketers can now automate their sales and marketing processes by synchronizing inwink contacts (participants, members and partners) and their activities (registration, downloads, appointments made…) directly in HubSpot.

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