Your inwink data directly integrated into HubSpot

Track the activity of your event participants and/or your community members within your HubSpot CRM.

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The official inwink x HubSpot connector

The use of HubSpot by our users, event organizers and B2B community managers, has been growing rapidly for several years.

For the past 5 years, we have been offering an official HubSpot connector in our inwink event and community management platform to meet the need for real-time synchronization of inwink contact data with this CRM.

Integration Features

👉 Enrich and update your CRM

The “inwink x HubSpot” connector will synchronize :

  • Information provided by your contacts (first name, last name, email, company, and other personalized data)
  • All actions performed on your inwink sites.

It allows you to choose whether or not you want to replace the data in your CRM with the information collected by inwink.

The collected data can then be used by:

  • Salespeople, who will be able to adapt their sales pitches.
  • Marketers, who will be able to set-up targeted marketing actions.

👉 Integrate your inwink contacts into your HubSpot campaigns

Track contacts from your event and community operations within your HubSpot marketing campaigns for real-time updates.

Get an accurate view of the ROI of your inwink events and communities.

👉 Trigger workflows in HubSpot

By using inwink data as triggers, marketers and salespeople will be able to automate actions in HubSpot (welcome email, confirmation email, assign a lead, …).

They will also be able to update:

  • Contacts, companies, transactions, quotes, and tickets present in HubSpot.
  • The associated information sheets, for example by updating the company associated with a registered contact.

👉 Create dynamic contact lists from HubSpot Marketing Events

Marketers will be able to attach all contacts from their inwink events to a HubSpot Marketing Event.

This will enable them to create dynamic contact lists based on event registrations, participations or unsubscriptions, and include them in HubSpot sequences.

👉 Rank your leads according to their activity in inwink

Track all your inwink contacts’ activities, such as their participation in sessions or the documents they consult, directly in HubSpot to assign them a lead score (Lead Scoring).

This scoring system enables marketers to identify the contacts most interested in a product and automatically add them to a list of “qualified contacts” thanks to dynamic segmentation.

Users already convinced

Jean-Michel CABONMarketing & Communication Director, Esri France

The best of both worlds!
It's really impressive to be able to find all the registrations and participants in our events and communities in HubSpot, in real time, with the option of uploading information to inwink. One click from HubSpot gives access to all the information, which remains in the company's history - a must!

Getting started with inwink x HubSpot integration

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Using Salesforce?

For the past 5 years, our inwink event management platform has included a Salesforce connector to meet the need for real-time synchronization of inwink contact data with this CRM.

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