Photo credit: Ivalua

Ivalua organizes its Ivalua Now 2023 user conference with inwink

“As Ivalua NOW is a French event with an international reach, we needed a platform capable of offering us a bilingual interface. inwink provided us with the intuitive, agile solution we were looking for - all the fundamentals of a virtual platform with the support of an experienced, efficient and available team. Today, we are renewing our partnership for the 3rd year.”

Jean-Baptiste DUBAILEMEA Marketing Events Manager

The context:

Ivalua provides Cloud solutions for expense management.

Ivalua enables companies to effectively manage all spend categories and suppliers, thereby increasing profitability, improving CSR performance, reducing supplier risk and improving employee productivity.

The inwink event management platform has been used since 2020 to coordinate the organization of the annual Ivalua Now conference.

The objectives:

The use of inwink was aimed to meet the following objectives:

  • Present the latest product innovations
  • Demonstrate Ivalua’s expertise through extensive customer feedback
  • Bring together Ivalua’s customer and partner communities, as well as the European Purchasing & Supply Chain leaders
  • Promote networking between peers
  • Offer a unique and memorable experience to participants

The functionalities used:

Among the features used to manage the Ivalua Now annual user conference :

  • Participant Management
  • Partner Management
  • Program Management
  • Replay / Live
  • Event website
  • Registration
  • Participant Area
  • Partner Area
  • Badges and self check-in
  • OnSite
  • LeadGen App
  • Emailing
  • Interactivity
  • Business meeting
  • Networking

The results:

For the Ivalua Now 2023 annual user conference:

  • 750+ participants
  • 25+ speakers
  • 30+ sessions