TeamWork’s User Club

“Members are delighted to be able to communicate and share ideas with each other. This community enables us to establish a close, trust-based relationship with our customers and prospective customers. We're not in a sales mindset, but rather an advisory one.”

Daphné SavoundiraradjaneMarketing and Communications Manager at TeamWork France

The context:

TeamWork is an international group specialised in consulting, technology integration and innovation, with more than 1,200 employees and 27 offices worldwide. Working with major international organizations as well as small and medium-sized businesses, Teamwork’s activities are based on 5 main areas of expertise: Management Consulting, Business Solutions, Technology Platforms, Data Analytics and TW Solutions.

Team work’s Business Solutions expertise has a full partnership with SAP and strong expertise in SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning), a planning tool dedicated to the Supply Chain.

” We noticed that we had a number of customers who wanted to share ideas with other users on SAP IBP, which is a fairly recent tool. That’s when we decided to set up a User Club so that they could connect and share best practices.”

The objectives :

The TeamWork Digital Supply Chain Club has several objectives:


  • To bring together users of a niche solution and enable them to share best practices
  • To showcase TeamWork’s expertise with the SAP IBP solution
  • To engage a community of peers over the long term

“The community is there for customers to meet each other, but also for us to demonstrate our expertise in the market.” Daphné Savoundiraradjane, Marketing and Communications Manager at TeamWork France.

The strategy

TeamWork has chosen the inwink Community management platform as the basis for the TeamWork Digital Supply Chain Club.

  • How can we encourage interaction amongst members?

First and foremost, to ensure that the TeamWork Digital Supply Chain Club is a forum for discussion only amongst peers, user identities are verified when they register on inwink Community.

“As this is a community dedicated to SAP users, we are very careful about who we allow onto the platform. For example, we don’t give access to salespeople. It’s important for members to know that they are in a confidential circle and that they won’t be canvassed.”

After this verification, other features have been put into place to encourage interaction:

  • A private discussion thread where members can ask questions and share best practices.
  • A list of all members and send invitations to Club events.

Our approach to community events is that there is no external communication, no filming, no photos or videos – it’s a confidential club. Invitations are not sent to non-members either. You have to be part of the community to take part in events.”

  • How does TeamWork showcase its expertise?

TeamWork’s consultants support companies in their digital transformations. In addition to creating the online user community, TeamWork has implemented the following:

  • Regular publication of a wide range of content designed to help SAP IBP users with their day-to-day challenges (blog articles, feedback, event replays, etc.).

“The community is made up of customers with similar interests, to whom we push articles, content and events. It really is a foundation on which we can build.”

  • Access for our partner, SAP: we have given SAP access so that their experts can take part in discussing the roadmap, new software developments, and share specialised articles and content.

All of this content is publicly accessible, which attracts new readers. These readers can then join the community free of charge and gain access to other benefits and features.

  • How do you engage a community of peers over the long term?

“First, we created a questionnaire to find out what our 20 founding members wanted to get out of this community, the frequency of publication and the types of content they wanted… Once we had this information, we defined the following rhythm: a dedicated event every 2 months in the form of virtual breakfasts or physical meetings, a minimum of 1 newsletter and 1 article published per month.”

In addition, TeamWork uses certain features to monitor engagement: an email notification system has been set up in inwink Community. These notifications include, for example, new articles and upcoming events.

The results :

  • Number of members: 76
  • Number of articles: 33
  • Number of downloadable documents: 21
  • Number of events dedicated to the community: 11

“The online community was launched in March 2022, and we went from 20 to about 50 members in one year.Our main focus is on loyalty, the quality of members and their interaction. Quality rather than quantity.”

The TeamWork Digital Supply Chain Club is meeting its initial objective, which was made possible by the support and flexibility provided by inwink:

“The inwink teams listen to our feedback to ensure that the product meets our needs. This attentiveness and flexibility are very important and have been key factors contributing to our success.”

As they are extremely satisfied with the inwink Community solution, TeamWork is planning to set up other online user clubs in 2024.