Mirakl achieves marketing objectives during the annual Summit

Christel Toriello

“We have relied on the inwink solution to manage our largest and most important event of the year. The powerful functionalities and flexibility which the platform provides have enabled us to be very productive in the organization of the event. We have also greatly appreciated the close collaboration with the inwink team all along the preparation of our Summit.”

Christel Toriello, Marketing & Business Development Director EMEA, MIRAKL

The context

Mirakl is a leading developer of marketplace software solutions. Every year, Mirakl hosts the « Marketplace & Platform Summit » to gather its ecosystem of customers and technology partners.
This 5th edition, held in Paris, welcomed about 500 participants, 35 speakers, and 12 partners, coming from nearly 20 different countries. The Summit was also held in Boston, Massachusetts, where it welcomed 200 participants.


  1. Presenting the cornerstones of its strategy and offerings
  2. Gathering its partner ecosystem
  3. Strengthening the relationship with its customers and boost acquisition of new customers


A communication forum

The Summit enables Mirakl to unveil its main messages to its audience, product announcements, and to share partners testimonials, and feedbacks from customers. The agenda features a global keynote and two break-out tracks (B2B and B2C). With inwink, Mirakl ensures a clear and easy reading of the agenda and the sessions.

A showcase of partners

By providing its partners with a dedicated workspace, Mirakl is able to manage efficiently the interactions with the set of partners all along the event project cycle. Each partner has access to its own workspace on the event website, which enables it to upload its marketing materials, register its team members, and personalize its information. A significant productivity gain for the organizing team, and a real value provided to ensure partner satisfaction.

A lever for customer acquisition

Leveraging Mirakl’s image and positioning, the Summit has built a strong awareness among the ecommerce and marketplace ecosystem. The event website built with the inwink CMS, entirely in a white label set-up, enables to showcase effectively the promise of the Summit and to boost registrations to the event.


By leveraging the rich volume of data collected with inwink during the Summit, the Mirakl team was able to measure precisely the results of its event. A synchronization in real-time of the attendance data into HubSpot enables an instantaneous data update and thus enables the sales team to leverage the new leads collected.