ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine

facilitates interactivity between companies of the region through its events

“Since 2021, 12 events have been organised with inwink, half of which were in person in 2022. 2023 promises to be even richer, as our colleagues are looking for more partnerships and are increasingly focused on B2B meetings for which we keep track of all contacts made before, during and after previous events. We are therefore strengthening our capacity to repeatedly offer certain types of events, so that we can offer them internally as well as externally to new partners who come to us more easily, strengthened by this experience and technical expertise.”

Antoine Chotard – NéoBusiness project manager, ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Key data

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ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the regional innovation agency which is linked to Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s regional council. This agency supports companies’ innovation projects and carries out collective actions on the structuring of sectors or assistance with setting up in the region, and plays a role as a facilitator and “network of networks” on subjects related to innovation for the energy transition.

ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine organises several events each year dedicated to its ecosystem, including NéoBusiness en Nouvelle-Aquitaine, an event focused on the decarbonisation of the regional economy, promoting more responsible purchasing by major contractors in the region. This event is primarily aimed at an audience of industrial companies which will be required to make major transitions.


In 2021, ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine went in search of a new platform to manage the organisation of its B2B events and to facilitate networking and interactivity between companies in the region.

This platform had to be set up quickly, without major development or long-term maintenance, and needed to allow greater autonomy for the team.

An in-depth reflection on the marketing strategy was also carried out when choosing the tool.

“I was pretty convinced that the key players involved in our events would be tempted to not organize only “one shots” but rather to build events around the different communities, throughout the year. inwink allowed them to do that and the appearance of inwink communities further reinforces this strategy.”

The chosen tool also needed to allow the 3 members of the event strategy team at ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine to be completely autonomous, so they chose to implement the inwink audience engagement platform.


Management of in person, remote and hybrid events:

inwink Event was set up to manage all the events organised by ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine throughout the year, regardless of their format.

All the communication around the events is handled within inwink Event so that the sending of marketing emails is automated before, during and after the events.

Also, the possibility of integrating video streams into online sessions has enabled ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine to industrialise and optimise its production of video content, which is then broadcast simulive during its events.

“We have a very light mobile studio, we go to the companies, we set up the studio and we set up a series of testimonials during 1h30 to 2h, with 5 or 6 speakers each time. We show the testimonials and feedback from companies of all different sizes: small and medium-sized companies, large groups… We have had 50 speakers at each of the NeoBusiness events (4 events), and this flexibility was also very useful for NéoBusiness en Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the “reverse exhibition on purchasing “, which was held over 2 days in November 2022 at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux”.

Putting companies in touch with each other:

ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine manages a network of companies and public authorities, mainly small and medium-sized companies, industrial mid-size companies and start-ups. This network meets during the events hosted by the organisation, which tend to be meetings for professionals.

In order to ensure interactivity between these professionals during the events, the business meeting and networking functionalities have been deployed, as well as chats during the broadcasting of sessions.

Industrialisation of event production:

“We have one big event that is the core of our events programme – the “ salon inversé des achats” – and then we have smaller, themed days with the same name, and I had made the choice to keep a single website for all of them; that was not ideal.”

With inwink, each event has its own dedicated website, and templates are available to recreate events with the same format as previous ones in just a few clicks.

“This type of tool allows us to standardise our processes for organising these events. With the platform, we can get rid of the anxiety-inducing parts of setting up and logistics, and at the same time, it forces some transformation and change.”

Moreover, the ease of use and implementation of inwink has made the teams of ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine autonomous in organizing events, which was a significant factor in choosing this solution.


In 2021:

ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine organised 6 events with an average of 250 participants each during the year with inwink, including:

  • 2 in person
  • 3 virtual
  • 1 hybrid

Over the course of these 6 events, 1,219 contact requests were made and 567 business meetings were organised via inwink.

The objective of putting companies in touch with each other and develop interactivity during events was more than met, with a total of 3,000 discussions held and 6,000 messages sent between participants.

In 2022:

In November 2022, ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine went back to in person events with a larger event for its institutional and private partners.

More than 600 professionals and 30 exhibitors generated more than 700 qualified business meetings over 2 days at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux.