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AI (artificial intelligence) brings considerable added value to the organization  of events, enabling the automation of certain time-consuming and repetitive tasks for organizers, and greater personalization of the event experience for participants.

For both of these reasons we are delighted to unveil a new feature of our event platform: ChatGPT is now directly integrated into the inwink email editor to help event organizers boost their communications!

“At inwink, we’re in the business of saving time for event organizers. On what do they lose the most time today when setting up an event in inwink? Writing transactional emails. By directly integrating ChapGPT, we take all the contextual elements of the event that we have in inwink, which we then fill-in and complete thanks to ChatGPT’s textual content generationcapabilities.”

Florent Santin
Co-CEO of inwink


How does this integration work? 3 examples are detailed in this article.

Use case 1: Generating content

The organizer’s added value lies in providing the concept for an event. Once the concept has been decided, generating content for the communications around the events and rewriting it in several versions/formats are tasks that can be automated with AI.

The inwink x ChatGPT integration allows inwink users to generate content for their transactional emails by inserting contextual event data (name, date, location, themes…) directly via a prompt in the email editor.

This makes email creation quick and easy.

AI events

Use case 2: Correcting texts

What could be worse than a text riddled with errors? inwink users can remove any doubts they may have about spelling in their email content, thanks to ChatGPT’s auto-correct feature.

AI events

Use case 3: Translating content

A multilingual event? In just a few clicks, inwink users can obtain translations of their emails in different languages using the ChatGPT interface that has been integrated into the email editor.

AI events

The team is working hard to bring new AI-powered automation to the inwink platform. More features coming soon!