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For some BtoB events, participation comes with a cost.

Depending on the objectives and organization of your event, this may be your case!

You’ll likely be asking yourself two important questions:

  • How to define the different types of tickets to sell your event?
  • What tools can you use to manage ticketing and payment?

In this article, we’ll share a few best practices for a successful online ticketing.

What types of tickets to offer at your event?

Different types of tickets

Here are the main types of tickets which are regularly found on professional event ticket offices:

  • Standard Ticket – basic ticket giving access to the heart of the event.
  • Premium Ticket – gives attendees exclusive access to certain content for a higher price. This type of ticket can provide access to backstage, VIP content, the after party or other premium “moments” of the event.
  • Members-only Ticket – reserved for “member” attendees in a certain category. This type of ticket can be free or discounted, as members already pay a yearly membership fee.
  • Early Birds Ticket – a discounted rate for early registrants, either before a set date or up to a set number of tickets sold.
  • Online Only Tickets – allows hybrid events to offer a discounted rate for attendees not attending the event in-person but taking advantage of the digital platform only.
  • Group package Tickets – allows tickets to be sold in batches, with a lower unit price. In the B2B world, this allows a company to buy a package to distribute among its teams.

In some events, tickets differ according to the participant’s profile. Vivatech, for example offers start-up passes, participant passes, and investor passes at different rates.

The adjustment variable for your ticketing strategy: discount codes 

Discount codes allow you to enrich and adjust your offer, beyond the different types of tickets you create.

Discount codes help speed up the purchase in some cases. You can offer promo codes for attendees who register first (instead of creating special early bird tickets) or for repeat registrations from one event to the next.

Promotional codes can also allow your partners to give away invitations to some of their own customers or prospects. You can generate a quota of promotional codes for each partner (according to their sponsoring package) that they will share with a selected list of guests.

What tools to use for online ticketing and payment?

Integrated ticketing in your event platform 

To stay simple and gain productivity, we strongly recommend choosing an all-in-one event platform that supports ticketing and offers native integrations to online payment services.

Your ticketing tool should allow you to:

  • Create the different types of tickets you wish to sell
  • Manage discount codes with attributing certain codes to event partners, grouping of participants according to the code used, automatic generation of codes, etc.
  • Create a ticketing page on your event website where guests can purchase their tickets and program automated emails when the purchase is made
  • Track tickets created and purchases from a simple interface, where you can find all the information on participants

How to manage payment?

The best payment process for an event is a system that allows a direct flow between the payer and the organizer without any commission being deducted from the ticket during the transaction.

With an all-in-one platform like inwink, the ticketing system can connect directly to the main payment tools of the market: Paypal, Ingenico, Six Payments, Stripe.

Payment solutions integrated with inwink are Paypal, ingenico, SIX payment services, Stripe, to mention only some.

This guarantees both the organizer and the participant that the financial transaction is secure (secure integration of a recognized payment tool with the inwink ticketing system), while providing a smooth and pleasant experience without leaving the event interface (inwink ticketing tool).

When choosing your event platform, it is important to check:

  • that it has a complete ticketing module, fully integrated with the rest of the online experience.
  • if there is a native integration between this ticketing system and the online payment tool you wish to use.

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