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An online job fair is a digital event where candidates and recruiters can easily meet. Recruiters can be partner companies, external to yours, or teams within your own organization.

To make such an event a success, we invite you to discover the 6 tips and best practices we have gathered in this article.

It’s up to you!

1) Leverage your job fair as an opportunity to highlight your brand

Your online recruitment event is a golden opportunity for you to communicate. Use this investment of time and money to promote your brand!

If your recruitment forum aims to find candidates for your own organization, it’s important to showcase your brand identity and to convince them, through the content of the event, that you are THE company for them.

If your recruitment forum aims at connecting your partners with candidates, it’s also a great opportunity to showcase your own brand, both to recruiters and candidates.

Your recruitment event is an opportunity to get closer to your audience: online brochures, video presentations, live Q&A sessions, networking tables to exchange with participants, live video presentation sessions… are all formats to exploit.

2) Manage event data

The main advantage of the digital format is that it allows you to better track what happens during the event!

You can monitor in detail the sessions in which participants took part, the appointments made and honored by recruiters and participants alike, etc. This valuable information will allow you to measure the success of the event according to the KPIs you set.

It is therefore important to organize your event from a platform that allows you to capture and exploit the event data.

3) Successfully promote to candidates through multiple communication channels

As with any event, promotion is a key success factor.

Your event website should offer a clear presentation of the benefits to the candidate from the moment of registration. Providing a pleasant user experience from the very first seconds by relying on a well thought out platform and thinking through the key messages are the two ways to achieve this.

It is also important to offer good support to registrants, with automated emails for onboarding, teasing or reminders before the event.

To extend the reach of your invitations, it is in your best interest to rely on the event’s partners (whether it is a university/school or recruiting companies/teams). If everyone shares the event with their own network, it multiplies the communication power. This is also true on social media networks as well as by email.

4) Choose a platform that can optimally manage each key stage of the job fair

It may seem obvious, but the platform you use to organize your online recruitment event must allow you to manage each step smoothly, for both recruiters and participants.

The must-have features should allow you to:

  • 👉 Put recruiters in the spotlight and get them on board via dynamic communication.

For recruiters (internal teams, or companies) to be engaged with the event, you need a tool that allows you to communicate with them ahead of the event.

You also need an interface that allows them to get the most out of your event: optimized virtual booths, well-presented job offers, smooth contact and appointment setting features.

  • 👉 Manage candidate registration

You must be able to deploy a validation lock by the organizer, following the candidates’ registrations, to pre-qualify the audience.

Your registration page should allow you to ask candidates for specific information to apply (the ability to attach a resume is a great example of this).

  • 👉 Present all job offers in a clear manner

All job postings should be accessible on a single page, allowing candidates to filter or search by specific criteria.

  • 👉 Manage the booking of appointments and how they take place

Candidates and recruiters should be able to schedule appointments for online interviews in a few clicks from a dedicated interface, manage their schedule and honor appointments on the day.

  • 👉 Highlight content (video sessions, conferences, workshops,…)

Your recruitment event may include conferences, workshops, or live video sessions. You need a platform that allows you to easily deploy your video content in live, simulive or replay.

5) Facilitate exchanges with chat, networking, and interactive meetings

A recruitment forum is all about connecting people. Your online event must be able to rely on innovative functionalities that maximize interactions.

We advise you to multiply the possibilities of interaction between recruiters and candidates, by exploiting video, audio, chat channels with different formats.

For example, a chat can allow direct contact between candidates and recruiters.

You can also offer online networking tables where candidates can meet each other or meet with recruiters in a more informal setting than interviews.

6) Take care of your post-event communication

Once the event is over, don’t forget to send thank-you emails and continue to collect satisfaction from participants and partners. This final impression given to all participants will be very positive.

You also have the possibility to keep your website accessible a few weeks after the event, with replays of the video sessions. This opportunity offered by the digital format allows you to extend the life of the content produced for the event, and to offer a second chance to the registrants who could not come.