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With inwink, you will be able to:

  • Manage your exhibitors, your participants, your speakers, your sponsors and your programme.
  • Increase the impact of your tradeshows.
  • Differentiate your tradeshows from others.
  • Stimulate participant, exhibitors and partner engagement.
  • Create a digital space to animate your B2B communities.

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Discover the most important Q&A about our pricing and our platform

Do you really give access to all Event or Community modules?

Yes, and this is one of the major differences between inwink and its competitors. With inwink, you automatically have access to all the modules needed to successfully complete your event or community project.

There are no hidden costs and no surprises when preparing the quote.

What is a contact? What is a partner / exhibitor? What is a user seat?

  • A contact is a person identified with a unique email who attends an event you organise or a member of a community you operate.
  • A partner or exhibitor is a sponsor of your event. He has a back-office that will allow him to manage his company’s information, the teams involved, the meetings…
  • A user seat is a member of the organising team. There are different statuses to manage the rights and access of each user.

Are your contracts renewed automatically?

No. Our contracts have a fixed term. We do not want to lock our customers into very long contracts. This means that we have to constantly review our approach at all levels and never take a client for granted.

What are the other costs associated with the project?

All the prices presented on this page do not take into account the following budgets:

  • Onboarding: mandatory for each new client, this stage allows you to start your appropriation of inwink in the best conditions. Start-up workshop, regular updates, tools and best practices… the inwink team will help you start your project as soon as possible.
  • Assistance: this optional part can be done via :
    • The inwink CSM (Customer Success Manager): has an advisory role and helps you get to use the platform, but does not create your content.
    • Support by inwink certified partners: Consulting, event project management, inwink configuration, web integration, on-site logistics and support, video production, etc.
  • Optional additional packages:
    • Additional contacts.
    • Additional credits to broadcast your events online (webinars).

Contact us to get more information about these different budget lines.

Do you rent event equipment?

We have various partners to provide you with computers, event scanners, printers, tablets, etc.

Contact us to get more information.

What are the other criteria that differentiate you from other platforms?

  • White label: you can fully customize your event or community platform using your colours, your graphic charter, your domain name, your email address … The inwink brand simply appears discreetly when logging in to a participant account and in the footer of the website.
  • Secure and partitioned data: you remain the owner of your event and community data at all times. Furthermore, they are not shared with other inwink customers. No commercial use will ever be made of it.
  • Templatization: you can quickly publish a website from several event and community templates. A complete CMS will allow you to customise it to your colours without any technical knowledge.

How does the ticketing module work?

For paid events, you have the ability to :

  • Create a ticketing solution with several stages, promotional codes and other specificities.
  • Integrate your payment processing solution (Stripe, Paypal, SixtPayment, Ingenico, Weezevent …).

inwink does not take a percentage and does not apply any fees on ticket sales.

Is there a program for agencies / business providers?

Yes, we have set up a program for agencies and business providers that allows them to benefit from pre-sales support and specific pricing conditions. During the production stage, they also have dedicated support and access to advanced features.

To find out more about the inwink partner program, please fill in the dedicated form.